Make Your Portfolio Better with Commercial Real Estate Investment

Experion Capital / Make Your Portfolio Better with Commercial Real Estate Investment

Real estate has been a popular investment choice for millions of Indians looking to build wealth and earn a profitable return. According to Reserve Bank of India research, 77% of Indian households invest in real estate as a way to create assets. This asset class has several advantages, including strong potential for growth, high rates of return on investment, prudence, and income stability. For someone with little experience in the sector, investing in it could seem intimidating. Regardless of their age, gender, or location, customers of all demographics and geographic regions find real estate to be one of the most profitable investment opportunities. The article looks at five various real estate assets that one should include in their investment portfolio.

Investing in Rental Properties

The most conventional method is to make investments in residential properties and rent them out. The procedure is straightforward, but it requires a sizable initial investment and incurs regular maintenance and upkeep fees. The asset must be clear of any legal complications before it may be leased, purchased outright, or acquired with a loan.

Profit through House Flipping

Another alternative is house flipping, in which a person who is aware of market demands may remodel and improve an existing property and then sell it for greater value. Here, the customer requires money as well as the capacity to perceive, comprehend, and perform modifications as necessary. This involves a shorter time of money tied up, which may give quick and exceptional returns.

Utilizing REITs/ETFs

You may purchase mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETF) that have their real estate investments. ETFs that invest in real estate stocks, such as publicly traded homebuilders, are available for purchase. REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) investments can also be made through ETFs.

The idea behind a REIT is quite similar to that of a mutual fund; both collect money from several participants and invest it in properties that provide income. Monthly rent from the properties purchased is used to pay the returns.

Fractional Ownership of the Commercial Real Estate

A group of investors pooling their resources to jointly own real estate to share the risk and rental revenue and lower costs is known as fractional ownership. Industry analysts predict significant expansion in the upcoming years, and by 2025, India will have 1 billion square feet of Grade-A office space. This investment would be heavily weighted toward fractional ownership.

A commercial property's rental yield is more than that of a residential property, coming in at about 9% annually. Therefore, a 25 lakh rupee fractional ownership investment has the potential to generate 2.25 lakh rupees in annual rental revenue. This results in enhanced monthly liquidity and sustainable wealth growth.

Renting Out the Portion of Existing Real Estate Asset

Even so, one can start small by renting out a room to business or residential renters if they do not want to be directly saddled with a big investment expense. It is a better idea to rent out a complete floor of one's present home if it is currently vacant.

Which Option is Best of All?

There are many real estate investment choices, so choosing one depends on the amount of money one is willing to put up, the kind of liquidity someone wants, the regularity of cash flow, and risk tolerance. Property ownership, leasing, and flipping demand large expenditures and a solid background in the asset class. Flipping homes can result in great returns on investment, but it necessitates knowledge of the local real estate market, as well as upkeep expenses and experience.

The ETFs, on the other hand, provide high liquidity and cheap expenses, but a drawback is that there may not be monthly dividends and one may not get any profits until he or she sells the appreciated shares. Despite being relatively new to investors, fractional ownership of commercial buildings is gaining popularity because they have finally allowed individual investors access to the most intriguing asset class—commercial real estate.

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